Jermaine "Maine" Maxwell


Jermaine "Maine" Maxwell is an a&r and manager based in Atlanta. We spoke with Maine about being an integral part of Dreamville's Grammy-nominated Revenge of the Dreamers III writing camp, and what is currently inspiring him. We've gotten to know Jermaine over the past few years and if there has ever been someone who embodies the definition of being inspiring while knowing when to keep your head down and focus, it's no doubt him.

You've spoken in the past about how a studio session you were in with SZA and Punch (President of TDE) and how he shared that music has always been the number one goal. What was your main takeaway from that and has it changed your approach to your work?

When I met with Punch and SZA that day, the main thing I took from that conversation was to pursue my dreams no matter what obstacles I may face. I learned to shift my personal hardships into motivation. It taught me to not only be patient with myself but those around me. I'm a strong believer in the law of attraction, that one conversation led to me wanting to inspire other creatives the same way Punch has done for me.

Last year you helped shape the writing camp for Dreamville’s Revenge of The Dreamers III and gave up-and-coming producers the chance at a massive leg up in the industry. Outside of production skills, what do you look for in a producer when inviting them to a high-caliber session like that?

When doing camps or even just working with a producer in general, I look for their desire to work. But not only in the sense of being in the studio, but from an internal standpoint. When working with creatives, I expect them to leave their egos at the door. Be in it for the right reasons, with a desire to learn and grow with the people you're collaborating with.

You’ve mentioned previously that goals and inspirations should extend beyond music. As you continue to grow in both your career and personally, what inspirations do you find yourself turning to in times of doubt?

As my career develops, at times I may feel overwhelmed and at a loss of inspiration. To get over that I like to reflect back on what I've already accomplished and conversations with my mentors. I also feed off of the energy from my producers and artists, so when they're inspired it picks me up. Love is also my biggest inspiration behind everything that I do, so my personal relationship helps with my moments of doubt as well.

What personal project are you most excited for in 2020 and lastly, are there any artists you have on repeat or upcoming albums that you’re excited about?

As for personal projects, I'm really looking forward to developing Levi Watson some more. We're sitting on a lot of music that he's been working on since about 2016. Also excited about the placements that my producers have coming at the top of the year. Lately, I've been listening to Van Buren, a group out of Brockton, MA. Really looking forward to Luke Bars' solo project out of that group. That kid is special. Last but not least real excited for ROTD3 Deluxe, Kendrick, Lute, SZA and Isaiah's next projects. Hyped to see what Monte Booker has been working on, that dude is a big inspiration for me. There's a lot of music dropping next year, need to prep my ears haha.